Hello Beautiful Souls,

I'm Mirjam, I was born in 05.03.1991 in Tallinn, Estonia. I started studying astrology in the beginning of 2018, when transit Neptune was conjunct with my natal Sun & Mercury. During this time I was very confused about my life and generally about everything - What type of job I want to do? What is the meaning of my life? What life direction should I follow? Why certain themes and pattern always come up in my life, and why am I experiencing life with such an intense emotions? Neptune transit was a catalyst for my self-discovery, where I went down the rabbit hole and started to explore astrology more deeply. The more I explored my own chart the more I started to understand why I am the way I am. It opened up completely new world, how different planetary cycles can carry their influences into our individual and collective lives. I grew a great interest to explore other people's birth charts, because it opened up a deeper understanding of the people around me and including myself. 

Since an early age I have been fascinated by occult sciences, like: palmistry, tarot cards, mysticism, astrology and supernatural. I got my first tarot deck for my thirteenth birthday and my first pendulum around nineteen. 
As a youngster I often asked others what's their zodiac sign, because I noticed that I had very strong bond with particular zodiac signs.
But I have always been drawn to night sky and in my alone times I often found myself wondering about stars and imaginary worlds. It represented something mystical, yet something familiar. From early age I knew that we all share connection with the cosmical energies and what happens above affects us here below.
I have International Certificates in Astrological studies and I'm also a member of  Estonian Association of Astrologers. Certainly my astrological studies will not end here, as it is lifelong self-development and study.

- Pisces☉, Scorpio ☽, Capricorn ↑