What is Astrology and how can it expand our earthly incarnation?

Astrology is a symbolic language between the heaven and the earth, which helps us to interpret ourselves, others, and the world around us. Astrologer is someone who interprets astrological language into understandable form, where I'm like an translator between you and your heavenly map.

The focus in astrology is our individual birth chart i.e. the planetary positions of the sky during our birth. The birth chart reflects our individual path, which we have come to develop and experience during our current incarnation, as well in our past or possible future incarnations. Our birth chart holds information for possibilities, which we ourselves can choose to use to expand our earthly life.

But keep in mind that astrology is never a form of divination, since we also have free will. Instead, astrology deals with the observation of the planetary movements and it's possible impact into our personal lives. In fact, astrological forecast opens up our birth chart and therein hidden potentials and opportunities, which we can use to further expand our lives.

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