What type of Astrology services do I offer?


Birth chart reading
Your astrological birth chart or birth horoscope is a snapshot or a fingerprint of the sky during your time of birth. Here lies your evolutionary plan, which most genuienly reflects, what have you come to experience, develop and pursue in this earthly incarnation. It highlights strengths, talents and potentials within you, as well as the weaknesses and challenges. Your individual natal chart contains the sun, the moon, eight planets, personal points (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, IC), the moon nodes, and asteroid - all which are equally important and which reflects our inner picture. There are also 12 astrological houses in the natal chart, which symbolizes certain areas in our inner- and outer-world. On the basis of the natal chart you can look for example what kind of job or career might suit you, what are your internal needs in relationships, which areas to contribute the most at certain period of time or what skills to further develop within yourself and so on.

In my readings I use the teachings of western astrology, evolutionary - karmic astrology, and depending on the person and the reading, I also use esoteric or soul-based astrology.
I read the natal chart both from a technical point of view and with the intuition.


Future forecast
As we all are constantly evolving, the future forecast reflects possible the present and the future stages in our lives. Every planet carries a certain influence, which can activate our birth chart and with it personal themes, areas and opportunities. The purpose of the forecast is to look what kind of topics or areas could be affected at a certain period of time and how to use those times to widen or change our lives.

Keep in mind that astrological prediction is not a form of divination because not everything in life is predetermined. We all have free will to shape our future through choices and decisions.

In astrology, there are many different ways to predict the future. I use together several different methods of forecasting. The main one is transits, ie moving planets, asteroids, nodes, which at a certain point of time can touch our natal planets, points, nodes or asteroids. In addition to transits, I look either Progressions or Solar Arc charts, Solar return or Lunar return charts.
I usually perform six-month and yearly future forecasts, but I can also make shorter or longer-term forecasts according to someone's personal wish.

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Relationship reading
In relationship analysis I use two main methods - Synastry and Composite. Synastry is a comparison method of two birth charts, which shows the compatibility between the two people. Synastry reflects, what kind of effect the two people could have on each other and what type of feelings or reactions they can evoke in one another.
Composite chart is a map of a relationship, in which the energies of two people are combined into one. This in turn shows what kind of unit is born, when two of them come together. Composite chart describes the dynamics of the relationship and what is really going on in the relationship - what are their mutual challenges and goals, what are their mutual needs and wishes, what do they commonly value, what is the purpose of their relationship, what topics or areas they contribute the most on, and so on.
In a relationship reading, there is possibility to examine karmic ties between people. For example, what kind of relationship they might have had in their previous lives, for what reasons they might have chosen to reunite, and what are they now trying to resolve together.
In relationships readings, I always use Synastry and Composite chart with ongoing transits.


Electional astrology
Electional astrology is a method used to find most favourable time for your important events. The purpose of electional astrology is to choose specific time in the future when planetary alignments support your given event or a project. This kind of method is commonly used when electing a date of marriage, when to launch a business or a website, when to buy a house or sign a contract, when to apply for a job and so on. 


Personal tutoring
1 on 1 personal tutoring.

Teaching, how to read your own or other's natal charts. how to look and interpret transits and other forecasting methods. last, but not least how to interpret astrological relationship charts - Synastry and composite.  

for more information please contact me personally. 

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astrologer for events
What could be more special, fun and eye-opening than inviting astrologer to your special event?

If you're  having girls night, birthday party, company event, or whatever kind of event and you want to offer your guest something unique - look no further!

Book me for your special occasion, where i’ll be doing group readings.